UV Absorber Eusorb UV-P

Eusorb UV-P is a pale yellow crystalline powder with a melting point between 128-132℃.

Application: This product is an efficient UV-absorber for styrenic polymers, PVC, unsaturated polyesters, PU, acrylic polymers, polycarbonates, adhesives and coatings.

Eusorb UV-P

UV-P is a benzotriazole type UV absorber for plastics and other organic polymers. It protects the substrates into which it’s incorporated from degradation by UV light and retards yellowing and deterioration of mechanical properties. Its effect by selective absorption of the UV portion of sunlight and artificial light. This radiation, which is mainly responsible for the damage caused by UV light, is converted into harmless heat energy. It can be readily combined with antioxidants and other light stabilizers, and in many cases this gives a considerable improvement in the light and heat stability of the polymer.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Product Type :Light Stabilizers / UV Absorbers > Benzotriazoles

Chemical Composition : 2-(2′-Hydroxy-5′-methylphenyl)benzotriazole

CAS Number : 2440-22-4

Physical Form : Powder


UV-P is used mainly for the stabilization of organic polymers. It’s particularly recommended for the light stabilization of PVC, Styrene polymers, polyesters, and acrylic resins, vinyl and vinyl/acrylic copolymer, PU, PC and cellulose esters.