Pearl Pigment – Silver White Series

Silver White Pearlescent Pigment – 100/ 120/ 123/ 153/ 163

Application: Paints, Plastics

Pearl Pigment – Silver White Series

is our standard effect pigment range for interior and exterior applications. Based on natural mica, these pigments give products the classic pearlescent effect we know from nature. The color palette varies from silver-white to interference, gold and metallic effects. Depending on the particle size, the effect achieved can range from a silky shimmer to a high sparkle. Pearls are perfect for giving products a high-quality appearance and a touch of exclusivity

Sliver White pearlescent pigment consists of mica flakes coated with TiO2

Product Features:

>Natural Mica

>Traditional Pearlescent Effect

>Extensive Product Range (Silver White, Interferences, Gold, Metallics)

>Relatively Good Hiding Power

>Different Particle Sizes from Shimmer to Sparkle

>Medium Strength Color Tones

>Industrial and Exterior Grades Available

>Fine, Medium and Coarse Particle Sizes

Plastics are required in almost all areas of life and are increasingly replacing conventional materials. Packaging, in particular, is an important ambassador at the point of sale. Product characteristics and positioning should be clearly communicated. Visual and haptic impressions play a key role and serve, above all, to differentiate products from the competition. This also applies to consumer goods, toys and other products made of plastics. Effect pigments from Kuncai can be used in nearly all thermoplastic materials and will enhance the appeal and individual character of the final product.






for the final use in:

>Blow Extrusion

>Injection Molding

>Tube Extrusion

>Sheet Extrusion

>Stretch Blow Molding