The Top 7 Alternative Protein Trends to Watch for in 2022

Alternative plant-based protein products are continued popularity with consumers around the world and expanding to replace more variety of animal-based food such as dairy products, eggs, and seafood. Because of technological advancement, production, and scientific knowledge that resulted in alternative products have grown exponentially throughout the country. Several food startup companies developed and created innovative plant-based food which is close to animal-based in terms of taste, texture, and nutrition for health, environmental, and sustainability outcomes. There are seven trends and business opportunities for emerging plant-based proteins in 2022 as follows:

1.Fermentation-derived dairy is paving the whey
2.The technology toolkit is expanding
3.Plant-based product categories continue to diversify and reach higher fidelity to animal products
4.Cultivated Meat is expected to receive further regulatory approvals and launch in restaurants
5.Sustainability becomes top-of-mind for consumers and investors
6.Alternative protein companies continue to raise increasing amounts of capital
7.Governments are getting more involved

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