UV Absorber UV-326

UV-326 is a light yellow crystalline powder with a melting point between 138-141℃. This product is an efficient UV-absorber for coatings in addition to containing compatibility in a variety of polymers and good thermal stability

Applications: PE, PP, PVC > PVC, rigid, PVC > PVC, flexible



is an UV absorber of the hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole class which is use for the protection of plastic materials and coating form the degradation through UV light. It is especally suited for polyolefins, cold cured polyesters, wood lacqers, UV protection of polyester resins.

UV-326 as a highly efficient UV-absorber.
Has good compatibility in a variety of polymers and good thermal stability.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Product Type : Light Stabilizers / UV Absorbers > Benzotriazoles
Chemical Composition
CAS Number : 3896-11-5
Physical Form : Powder
Molecular weight: 316
Assay : > 99 %
Melting point : 138 – 141 °C
Loss on drying : < 0.5 %
Ash : < 0.1 %
Food contact approval: Yes


• PE
• PP
• PVC > PVC, rigid
• PVC > PVC, flexible

UV Absorber UV-326