Pearl Pigment – Automotive series

Pearl Pigment for automotive paint.

Product Series: XillaMaya, Setallic, SW – Weatherproof Effect Pigments

Application: Coatings; Automotive, Auto-refinihsed

Effect pigment range for interior and exterior applications. Based on natural mica and synthetic mica, these pigments give products the classic pearlescent effect. The color palette varies from silver white to interference, gold and metallic effects. Depending on the particle size, the effect achieved can range from a silky shimmer to a high sparkle. Pearls are perfect for giving products a high-quality appearance and a touch of exclusivity.

XillaMaya series

The XillaMaya product range appears to beat the laws of physics. Kuncai has managed to combine a strong sparkle with high color intensity and small particle size that also offers a high

value in use efficiency.

A smart combination of different reflective oxide coatings and the selection of a specific synthetic mica as base material ensure an intense glitter effect, extraordinary color saturation

and excellent hiding power. Direct light has a positive influence on the sparkle effect and, under these conditions, the product series exhibits a marked 3D sparkle effect.

Setallic series

Strong pronounced reds, oranges and earth tones with vibrant sparkle are the optical features of our Setallic series. Our superior synthetic mica substrate (fluorphlogopite) with its advanced production technology and subsequent multilayer coatings characterize these sophisticated pigments. Defined coating layers of Fe2O3 give this product range outstanding color intensity, great saturation and a three-dimensional depth with good coverage. The relationship between sparkle, color intensity and particle size has been optimized to such a degree that these pigments are highly recommended for a wide range of high value applications.

SW – Weatherproof Effect Pigments

pigments for exterior use is characterized by a strictly controlled particle size distribution and meets stringent process inspection requirements for accurate and stable color control, weathering resistance and adhesion.

Product features:

  • Final Coating of the Effect Pigment with Various Metal Oxides to Achieve Desired Weather Resistance
  • Coating with Coupling Agent to Improve Product Compatibility
  • Excellent UV (e.g. yellowing) Resistance
  • Very Good High Temperature Resistance
  • Very Good Humidity Resistance