Fluorescent Pigment – FZ Series

Fluorlescent pigment for Paint, Silk screen ink, Poster color, Coating

Application: Textile printing inks, plastic coloring, Paints, Coatings, Printing inks, and Textiles.


Fluorescent Pigment – FZ Series

FZ Series is a standard grade of fluorescent pigment.
These Series characterized by strong color fastness and fine particle size.
The high-level function provided-not to speak of the brightness, purity, and strength of color and handling ease-make them applied in ever-widening fields such as textile printing inks, printing inks, plastic coloring, paints many others.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Average particle size 3.5~4.5μm
Softing point 130~140℃
Solvent stability
Don’t dissolution aliphatic hydrocarbons solvents and
aromatic hydrocarbons solvents.
This series can’t use with ester solvents, ether solvents,
ketone solvents.

Color shade:

FZ-5012 Green
FZ-5005 Lemon Yellow
FZ-5006 Orange Yellow
FZ-6011 Red Orange
FZ-6013 Red
FZ-6014 Orange
FZ-6037 Pink
FZ-MB Violet
FZ-PR Purple
FZ-SB Blue
FZ-M Magenta
FZ-247 Magenta(Reddish)
FZ-277 Magenta(Bluish)


Textile printing inks, Plastic coloring, Paints, Coatings, Printing inks, and Textiles.

Fluorescent Pigment – FZ Series