Quality at Intergoods

Every Intergoods employee has a quality assurance role, whether providing services or support. We cooperate closely with customers, partners, and suppliers, and regularly monitor our customers’ perception of our quality. Our quality culture is based on employee commitment, and we use innovative methods to support continuous product, process, and service quality improvement, to ensure continuity of your supply chain.


Quality management systems

We have a quality management system in place that defines standardized processes for our organization’s global development, services, and supply chain management. These globally applicable processes enable our employees to share and apply best practices to improve quality and customer satisfaction.


Global development

Global development ensures that Intergoods supply chain service meet the highest possible standards. Our product quality standards are derived from ISO 9001 quality model.

Planning & Managing stock inventory

A sufficient stock inventory is crucial for our manufacturer customer. we corporate and communicate for their demand to cover the lead-time period of goods transportation from supplier to Thailand.

Law & Regulation Quality

Every product imported into Thailand must be reported to the Customs department. Procedures such as product registration, issuing licenses, and paying duties, need a specialist to complete the process before distributing to the market.


Certificate of quality

Third-party certification bodies provide independent confirmation that Intergoods meets the requirements of international standards in chemical raw material supply chain service. Since 1998 Intergoods has held an ISO 9001 certificate. We are also certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and BS 10012. All locations worldwide work according to one common process framework. We regularly check compliance through internal reviews and audits.