Fluorescent Pigment

Fluorlescent pigment for Paint, Silk screen ink, Poster color, Coating

Application: Textile printing inks, plastic coloring, Paints, Coatings, Printing inks, and Textiles.


Fluorescent Pigment

FZ Series is a standard grade of fluorescent pigment.
These Series characterized by strong color fastness and fine particle size.
The high-level function provided-not to speak of the brightness, purity, and strength of color and handling ease-make them applied in ever-widening fields such as textile printing inks, printing inks, plastic coloring, paints many others.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Average particle size 3.5~4.5μm
Softing point 130~140℃
Solvent stability
Don’t dissolution aliphatic hydrocarbons solvents and
aromatic hydrocarbons solvents.
This series can’t use with ester solvents, ether solvents,
ketone solvents.


Textile printing inks, Plastic coloring, Paints, Coatings, Printing inks, and Textiles.


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