Interview with Three Food Operators on Insect-based Protein overview

  • The current 7.9 billion world population is expected to continuously rise until 2100 after which it is predicted to stabilize. Until that time comes, the global population growth will continue its steep path uphill and lead to some of the most disturbing issues: the environmental impacts and limited food supply. It is, therefore, a truly big challenge to prepare for the handling and planning of food production to ensure sufficient food supplies for the future generations.
  • Protein is a nutrient that is essential to human life. Most major sources of protein are animal meat and certain plants. According to research and studies, however, livestock farming ranks among first contributing factors of the global warming as it affects the very livelihood of all the living beings in the world. New sources of protein that emit the minimal amount of greenhouse gases are, hence, being developed, and insects may be a possible alternative that we are so relentlessly searching for because they are easy to raise and rich in protein and essential amino acids. They also require minimum synthesis, spaces, and farming resources. One aspect that remains doubtful is the insects’ physical appearance, which is far from being appetizingly inviting. Such is a challenge that all insect protein manufacturers need to overcome.
  • According to Global Market Insight, the global market of insects and insect-based consumable products reached the total value of USD 112 million in 2019. That figure is projected to spike by leaps and bounds like a grasshopper to USD 1.5 billion in 2026. Food Focus Thailand Magazine, therefore, takes this opportunity to share our interview with three insect protein operators—The Bricket, Kokoonic, and Protanica—on the interesting aspects of the insect protein market and the potential species of insect that food operators are keeping their eyes on.

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