Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Save Energy and Protect our Environment

  • In our food and beverage industry, a significant volume of water is required in various daily operations, from cleaning and sterilizing equipment to incorporating recipes and serving as an unavoidable source for heating or cooling. That’s why manufacturers are often urged to implement a proper water management strategy or employ advanced wastewater treatment technology to improve water savings and ensure that every drop of water leaving their plants is treated.

As a matter of fact, many food and beverage producers are increasingly focusing on their water footprint and attempting to minimize their environmental impact. Fortunately, they are not alone in this, as water and wastewater treatment companies, too, have been working tirelessly to develop new eco-friendly solutions and technologies to assist the food and beverage industry in meeting its objectives.

  • What’s in it for our planet?

Wastewater treatment can be classified based on the mechanism used to remove contaminants, including the standard array of physical, chemical, and biological treatments in which aerobic and anaerobic organisms may be employed. In fact, there are numerous wastewater treatment methods available. Among them are Stabilization Pond, Aerated Lagoon, Constructed Wetland, Activated Sludge Process, Oxidation Ditch, and Rotating Biological Contactor, and each client’s specific requests and the nature of each industry will determine the types of treatment technologies and the complexities of treatment options. Apart from that, other factors that influence wastewater treatment system selection include the nature of the waste, the level of wastewater treatment required, construction and maintenance costs, and the size of the land. However, the Activated Sludge Process, which is a biological treatment that utilizes aerobic bacteria as the primary treatment in the degradation of organic matter in wastewater, is the most popular system among those in the food industry.

The following are just a few of the numerous benefits that manufacturers, their communities, and our environment can gain from using a wastewater treatment system.

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