Mr. Suhet Lertviriyasawat, Managing Director of ALP Group has very good persistence to contribute money to employees and citizens who have suffered from the floods in several provinces in the south. The Red Cross handed over to help people who suffered urgently

Mr. Suchet Lertviriyasawat said “As the heavy rains in many southern areas. As a result, many provinces have been affected by the floods, cataract and mudslides. Since the late 2553’s severe aftereffects till April 2554 many people still have so suffered from that. Households, farmland, and business section have been severely damaged. As well as multi-path routes cannot be roaming around. As a private organization, he has initiated a project to help the flood victims under “ALP Hospitality” by accepting donations to gather people who intend to donate to flood victims in various provinces abruptly. The contribution by offering an initial 50,000 baht through the Red Cross has been given to the households affected by the floods