Closing the deal with Proactive Sales Closing by Trainer: Sa-ngar Aramwit

Closing the deal with Proactive Sales Closing by Trainer: Sa-ngar Aramwit 24 March 2017 at Meeting Room 5th floor of Bang Trading Building. The expert trainer of sale closing who had been worked in Thailand leading organization and got the best practice to train our sale representative in Proactive Sales Closing. The weakness of sale to get the order from customer is denied and afraid of any disagreement. Even sale know that the customers are interesting in our product and would like to buy to get their problem solved. Sale will be train to understand the nature of buying and get rid of sale closing.

ALP Family Day 2016

For another year to the day of ALP Happy Family, which was held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Golden Beach Hotel, Cha-Am seaside, Phetchaburi. ALP employees had good time together. This year, everyone enjoyed the presentation of the organization and stimulated activities of VMVCC. The management team had also clarified half-year performance to employees. It was a good chance also that ALP would reinforce and strengthen the relationship between employees and management staff. In the evening party which became a symbol of the year, everyone had attended the party and wear fancy dress under this year’s theme “Colorful Party”. It was bright and colorful throughout the room. We enjoyed eating and playing games with the event. At the end of the program (Next day), employees had visited The Royal National Park (Ratchapak) and buy some souvenirs before returning to Bangkok.

Annual CSP in Nakorn Nayok

Our effective sales team had an activity to reinforce their sales performances in Phu Sak Tarn Resort, Nakorn Nayok during March 31 – April 2, 2016 as our company policy in strengthen the sales representative. In this activity, our sales staffs would be established tight relationship with other sales staff and developed their abilities in solving the problems from many case studies and received the direct experience from their sales manager in addition to the products knowledge and the marketing information taught to them normally. Khun Chusak and Khun Tharadol had intended to carry out this seminar to develop their sales force and also to enhance the knowledge to help their salespersons compete with the competitors and give the excellent services to our local customers and also finding their best solution for them.

Systematic Thinking

ALP Group had conducted an in-house training for developing supervisory skill of new generation employees and supervisors under the topic of Systematic Thinking to reinforce good perception for new generation team. The internal training was held at the meeting room, 5th floor of BT Group on Saturday, March 5, 2016, at 9.00-16.00. The lecturers were new trainers who were educated and specialized in systematic thinking program. Almost 30 persons had attended this seminar with amusing case study. The contents of this program comprised of 7 thinking methods and the ways how to use them; such as Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Lateral Vertical Thinking, Logical Vertical Thinking, Six Hats Thinking, Positive Thinking, Systematic Thinking.


This annual seminar was held on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at Dusit Princess Sri Nakarin Resort and Hotel, Srinakarin Road, Bangkok. Time had rotated again. ALP Group had conducted a seminar to announce last year performance, guide the team for present year clear direction, educate employees, and motivate them to drive results and success.. The executives and their team had prepared to present their performances and share key takeaways of how they can improve their sales or service processes to achieve the goals in this annual kickoff meeting. Communicating strategy and objectives was essential to the organization’s success this year under the theme of “INNOVATION”. Finally, this meeting was to build morale, inspire and create a memorable experience with announcement of employee of the year (EOY). Our managing director; Khun Suchet Lertviriyasawat also gave recognition and showed appreciation to his sales and service team and EOY also.

ALP Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year Party of ALP Group and affiliated companies had been conducted on Friday evening, December 25, 2015 at Grand Four Wings Hotel, Sri Nakarin Road, at 17.00-22.00. It was an fancy party under the theme of THE MOVIES. The employees joined and celebrated for new year together. The employees had joined the costume contest such as the dress from Disney Princess, Super Hero, Thai Traditional Drama, Thai Present Lifestyle Movie, Harry Potter etc. The classical Thai dancing was impressively shown at the beginning of the party and the invited singer also sang several beautiful songs to create great warm and friendly atmosphere on that day. Moreover, the employees had got souvenirs and little rewards from executives as formal lucky draw of party.

ALP Sports Day for Good Health 2015

ALP Group which was comprised of Intergoods, Chemical Plus, and Alp Visrock Company had joined together to conduct ALP Sports Day on Saturday, October 3, 2015, at Sport Science Center in Sports Authority of Thailand. ALP Group also had realized about the significance of having good health and stimulated all employee to pass the physical test and joined the vital games, exercising, and funny sport; Badminton Competition together once a year. Mr. Suchet Lertviriyasawat; our M.D. was presented for distributing the rewards for top 5 healthy persons and the special rewards for better improved people, and the winner of the competition (competition between Orange and Green) at the end of day.

ALP Family Day 2015

ALP Family Day 2015 was held on 16th May, 2015 at Rayong Resort, Rayong. It was beautifully located on the finest spot of the calm beach (end of Mae Rumpueng Beach) ALP employees had a great time together at the resort with lots of fun and activities including training, seminar, and workshops after a well-organized lunch near the sea shore. It was also a good opportunity for ALP crews to create and enhance the relationship among them. In the evening, the navy party has become an annual attraction for everyone. The employees wore beautiful blue dress for the theme of hilarious sailor with special fun games from our organizer. At the end of program (the next day), the employees had visited Uncle Thongbai Fruits Garden. They enjoyed eating buffet of several fruits such as rambutan, mangosteen, durian, longgong, sala, and etc before going back Bangkok. It was a fun-filled period for the employees. It was acknowledged that such events bring al employees together as a well-knit unit under one common umbrella, “ALP”.