ALP Group organized the special event “ALP Movie Happy Night” at Embassy Diplomat Screen, the first class cinema in Thailand. Our customer were invited to watch the movie “Ant man and the wasp” and ALP broad of director Mr. Suchet, Mrs. Siriporn Ms. Suwaporn Lertviriyasawat and our sale representative were comes to meet and take care of all customer. We organizes this event aimed to thank customers for their trust and continued support our Group under the brand image of “Happy & Benefit for you”

FI Asia 2017

Intergoods Co.,Ltd. by Mr. Suchet Lertviriyasawat, our CEO, and Food/Cosmetic Division by Sarita Mahasaksoontorn and Natthaphan Lertviriyasawat, cooperate with food ingredient technical team from Koyo Chemical Industry in Japan, a manufacturer of Natural Extract Product lunched the ingredient product for Food Industry such as Bakery, Sushi, Frozen food at FI Asia 2017

Closing the deal with Proactive Sales Closing by Trainer: Sa-ngar Aramwit

Closing the deal with Proactive Sales Closing by Trainer: Sa-ngar Aramwit 24 March 2017 at Meeting Room 5th floor of Bang Trading Building. The expert trainer of sale closing who had been worked in Thailand leading organization and got the best practice to train our sale representative in Proactive Sales Closing. The weakness of sale to get the order from customer is denied and afraid of any disagreement. Even sale know that the customers are interesting in our product and would like to buy to get their problem solved. Sale will be train to understand the nature of buying and get rid of sale closing.

Asia Pacific Coating Show 2016

Our coating department has exhibited under the exhibition named Asia Pacific Coating Show 2016 (APCS 2016) during 21- 23 September 2016 at Convention Hall 105, Bitec Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand. We take this opportunity to present our products, coating innovation and additives for coatings which led the team by Mr. Tharadol Promsavas, Sales and Marketing Director. Our sales team and Specialists have attended at exhibition to share product knowledge, advises and technical information to all customers and visitors in particular industry.