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Intergoods company history

Where we started

Since 1989


Human resource

Starting business
with 5 Employees

With reliable business partners, Intergoods gains trust as a trading company with a firm policy for being an exclusive distributor of particular products in Thailand. 

We strive to become a long-term business partner with all our suppliers.

Stock management

Planning &
Managing stock inventory

A sufficient stock inventory is crucial for our manufacturer customer. we corporate and communicate for their demand to cover the lead-time period of goods transportation from supplier to Thailand.

Product and service

Sourcing & supplying
chemical raw material in coating

At the time, there are a lot of opportunities in the market however it takes knowledge and experience to source a quality product and import material for our market.

Back office

Custom, Logistic
Law & Regulation

Every product imported into Thailand must be reported to the Customs department. Procedures such as product registration, issuing licenses, and paying duties, need a specialist to complete the process before distributing to the market.

Since 1990

Business expansion

Supplying Rubber,
and Adhesive raw materials

The management team is aware of the business growth and expansion. We foresee the consumption of transportation and start to expand to the Rubber and Adhesives business starting from Phenolic resin which is significant for Rubber part and Tire industry.

We currently have 15 active employees across 24 projects.

Moving to new office

Moving to Bang Trading Building at Rama 9 road, Bangkok, Thailand

The new office on the Rama 9 Road is a prime location for business and transportation from shipping port and warehouse

Achievement of Revenue

Year 1993 –
Sales Revenue
reach 3.5 million
USD with 4 years

Trading Service

We adhere to the principle of service from the heart. And by focusing on quality products and reasonable prices in the market including providing technical information and impressive service to customers.

The achievement we have today comes from all our stakeholders’ support.


Office 5_1911

Year 1995

Business expansion

New business unit – Plastic industry

Plastic materials are generally used for multi-purpose such as Packaging, Electronic parts, Automotive parts, and Construction. We start sourcing and supply colorant and additives for the plastic industry for the first time.

Year 1998

Business expansion

New business unit – Food ingredient,
and Cosmetic additives raw materials

Food is one of the fundamental factors for a human being. Once the population is growing, the demand for food consumption will definitely increase along with the growth.

Management System Transformation

Year 2007 –
Approach to
Thailand Quality

Understanding and Implementing TQA framework

Executives have brought the concept and encourage implemented a TQA framework throughout the organization as an essential tool to improve our management capability and to achieve global standards.

Business Transformation

Year 2009 –
Invest on
ERP system

Information Management system

Intergoods Co., Ltd. has invested in an Enterprise Resource Planning system called Microsoft AX.

In order to become a leader in the trading business, investment in internal information management is important. Since it allows the organization to gather all the information into one place and able to use it to increase the integration speed of customer service for maximum benefit.


Office 16_5741

Quality Management System

We are certified Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 by MASCI.

Year 2011 –
Joint Venture with
Thai Nikken Food

Business expansion

Setting up new business with long-term partnerships

Over a decade that we partner with Nikken Food Company Limited to supplying natural extract flavor to local and multinational manufacturing in Thailand. Our supplier then decide to joint venture with Intergoods and set up food manufacturing located in Rayong, Thailand.

Year 2012 –
Sales Revenue
reach 20 million USD

Achievement of Revenue

Right Stragtegy, Right Execution

The company hits the sale target at 20 Million US dollar with competency, cooperation and determination of everyone in the company resulting in organization sustainable growth.


Year 2018 –

Quality Management System

Actively maintain our national standard

We are certified Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 by MASCI.

Business expansion

Year 2019 –
Building new

Setting up new Warehouse

Foresight of the management team that willing to prepare to meet the increasing demand for chemical products in the future.

Therefore, the investment in warehouse space has been expanded to accommodate the expansion of the market in all related industries. With fully equipped and modern warehouse includes high security, a cold storage room, especially products for the food industry, and a dedicated storage room for dangerous goods, this warehouse is increase our competitive advantage among the competitors. Its location is convenient to pick up goods from the port to deliver products to customers.


Awards & Honors


The Best Sales and Marketing Agency in Southeast Asia of the Year 2018


 Benda Lutz ACC

Top 3 of The Highest Sale Performance in Southeast Asia of the Year 2004

– SI Group

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