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About us

Intergoods, one of Thailand’s leading specialty chemical firms, contributes to value generation by providing innovative and sustainable products to consumers from a variety of industries. Our portfolio is intended to address very particular demands as precisely as possible. Simultaneously, our partner’s research and development unit is focused on solving today’s core developments. This include energy production, green raw materials, zero-emission mobility, and resource conservation.


We’re a team of creatives who are excited about new ideas and unique mutual opportunities.

Customer reaches us for our indispensable management, technical product insight, risk, management, advice and security through 2 service lines of the business.

Product Consultant

For our customers, finding the right raw material is the key to success. We offer our product consulting to help narrow the gap of the question to the solution and suggest the suitable product on-hand.

Customer Service

After product confirmation, all the after service you need to complete the order will be processed from planned purchased order, shipping management, customer and clearance process, inventory management, and delivery system.


We believe that
people are essential.

Mr. Manop Phromsawangsin
Sales Manager of Rubber Division

Ms. Sarita Mahasaksoontorn
Sales Manager of
Foods and Cosmetic Division

Ms. Suwaporn Lertviriyasawat
Sales Manager of Plastic Division

Ms. Itsara Hita
Sales Manager of Coating Division


The awards won by our company

When our team is in charge of business strategies, we strive to accomplish our objectives through consumer awareness, industry experience, and teamwork.

The Best Sales and Marketing Agency in Southeast Asia of the Year 2018

Benda Lutz ACC

Certificate of Appreciation

3rd Best Sales Performance in Asia Region 2003

– Cappelle pigments NV

Sapphire Recognition Award

In appreciation of OUTSTANDING
performance on behalf of SI Group, Inc. in sales, service, value creation and promotion of the Year 2006

– SI Group

Diamond Recognition Award

In appreciation of EXCEPTIONAL 
performance on behalf of Schenectady International, Inc. in sales, service, value creation and promotion of the Year 2004

– SI Group


What our clients

say about our



Our business is concerned with delivering green products, which are renewable products intended to mitigate their environmental effects during their whole life cycle and even after they are no longer useful.

Our company's journey to long-term success


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