INTERGOODS COMPANY LIMITED (ICL) is a subsidiary of ALP Group which has a group’s vision as follow A splendid quality organization to create sustainable happiness to everyone

ICL was established in 1989, with a determination to be a well recognized as one of the leader in their business of supplying chemical raw materials for many industries.

We began our first business in Coating industry and growing year by year by our good team. Now we have expanded into over 20 distinctive industries such as Coating, Ink, Plastics, Rubber, Adhesive, Tire, Glass, Textile, Resin, Latex, Petrochemical, Construction, Ceramic, Toiletry, Cosmetic, Detergent, Food & Feed, Friction material, Lubricant, Electronic, and precious metal for jewelry.

“Our good team” simple but means a lot for our success. Good team is united to create a good people (diligence, integrity, endurance, morality), a quality of work and to have conscious of social responsibility for the adamant, lastingness and prosperity of our partners (Customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society).

Many good management tools have been used in ICL in order to be coped with the rapid change and to be a leader at all time. We are ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company and heading to a national quality organization by follow the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) which has been adapted from Baldrige National Quality Program (Performance Excellence Program). Now we are proud to be ICL’s team.


Chemistry is all around us. It is in our daily life as a small composition of everything such as the human tissue, the paint on our wall, the tire of or bicycle, the personal care products we used and the food we consume every day. We have passionate to developing Innovative products starting from its basic ingredient which is chemical raw materials. We offer more environmentally friendly products from well-known suppliers from all around the world.

Mr. Suchet  Lertviriyasawat
Managing Director