“Phuket Sandbox Project” The first step according to the plan to open the country in 120 days.

The Financial Times website reported the news 6 hours ago. Using the headline “Thailand packs its tourism hopes in ‘Phuket Sandbox’” -Thailand puts its tourism hopes on the project. “Phuket Sandbox” is expected to be a pilot project to open the country to welcome vaccinated foreign tourists to visit without quarantine. 

         The Financial Times marks the first time Phuket has welcomed foreign tourists more than a year after the COVID-19 outbreak. Welcoming 10 million tourists a year.

         CNN website headlines “Thailand’s most popular island, Phuket reopens to vaccinatedinternational travelers” -Phuket, Thailand’s most popular island. Open to foreign tourists who have been vaccinated.”

          CNN reported that The opening of foreign tourists is the first in 15 months, without the need to quarantine in hotels. It said the first group of 25 tourists arrived at Phuket International Airport from Abu Dhabi. which is one of the 4 flights today The rest of the flights are from Qatar’s Doha. Israel’s Tel Aviv, Singapore, totaling about 400 tourists.

credit : https://bbc.in/3hy8hcu

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