LNG and the chance of becoming a Transition Fuel [Advertorial]

The name of LNG may not be familiar to many people. LNG has the full name Liquefied Natural Gas. liquefied natural gas Which is one of the alternative energy that is clean and environmentally friendly. Let’s get to know LNG in depth and where it came from.

                  To be used, LNG in its liquid state is converted back to gas. By increasing the temperature by means of heat exchange with sea water at the natural gas storage and transformation station or LNG terminal before it can be used in various fields. through natural gas pipelines such as fuel for vehicles (NGV), fuel in industrial estates and generating electricity, etc. In the case of being used in the area outside the natural gas pipeline, LNG will be transported by car. and transformed in front of the customer’s factory for further use.

          Currently, the popularity of LNG usage is increasing as well as being safe to use because LNG is an odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive substance, and if LNG leaks, it will evaporate into a vapor that floats high into the atmosphere. without residues in water or soil because it is lighter than air

           So now is a good opportunity, LNG, the transition fuel in today’s world. Help to expand the business for sustainable growth in the future.

credit : https://thestandard.co/lng/

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