Ivory Coast will use cocoa scrap to power West Africa’s largest biomass plant.

If you have tried chocolate desserts during this time There’s a high likelihood of cocoa coming from the Ivory Coast. This West African country is the largest cocoa producer in the world.

More than 40% of cocoa beans on the market originate here. More than 6 million people are involved in cocoa production in the Ivory Coast. which until now is considered the number one export product of the country Cocoa from here has been delivered to people around the world for decades, but now the Ivory Coast is using cocoa components to power the country.

These wastes are becoming an important part of the Ivory Coast’s transition to renewable energy. After the successful pilot project Ivory Coast has already begun building a biomass plant that uses cocoa waste.

credit : https://bbc.in/3hqqaKa

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